‘Working Across Boundaries’ National MUPI Match event

Museum-University Partnerships Initiative
Wednesday 26th July 2017
The Cinema Museum, London

The Museum-University Partnership Initiative have their final ACE funded MUPI Match event for museums and universities taking place at the end of July.  As we know, the potential for museum-university partnerships can transcend local and regional boundaries; with collections, knowledge, skills, and experiences that can contribute to projects between museums and universities across England.  Therefore, this final MUPI Match event is dedicated to supporting potential projects across England, so museums and academics from Bournemouth to Berwick, Portsmouth to Preston, and Whitstable to Wakefield, can explore potential partnerships together.

MUPI Match events have proved to be a successful way for museums to network with academics, and develop mutually beneficial project ideas.  As part of this event we have a small grants fund of £6000 to distribute; the fund can seed fund, and support, museums and academics to explore their partnership ideas further.  The previous MUPI Match events have so far seed funded over 60 museum/university partnerships, between 65 museums and 43 universities.

Whilst we are open to all museum/university partnerships, based on the previous 10 MUPI Matches we are encouraging applications from people/organisations that are interested in the following themes:

  • Using new technologies in cultural heritage settings e.g. mapping, 3D modelling, big data, innovative ways to animate and rethink collections, R&D in ‘real world’ situations
  • Engaging new audiences – from student placements to non-traditional specialist audiences
  • Migration, politics, activism

The event is on Wednesday 26th July 2017 at the Cinema Museum.  This event is free and you can register for it on the NCCPE website.

If you have any questions about MUPI Match events please contact Paddy McNulty, MUPI Match Museums Consultant via paddy@paddymcnulty.co.uk

MUPI Match events are delivered through the Museum University Partnership Initiative, funded by Arts Council England’s Museum Resilience Fund and developed in partnership with the Share Academy project and Paddy McNulty Associates.


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