Invitation for Popular History Presentations LGBT History Month 2018

Schools OUT UK is delighted to announce the Invitation for History & Archival Presentations for the 4th National Festival of LGBT History to be celebrated at Regional Hubs throughout the country during LGBT History Month (February) 2018.

This year Schools Out invite individuals and groups to showcase either:

  1. A historical reading of the past, or
  2. An archival source and personal oral testimonies, sets of photos, or significant documents and the stories behind them
  3. A researched presentation on a piece of unknown LGBT history

Your historical presentation/reading/interpretation might be a presentation/explanation of a past – local, regional or national:

  • event or related events of direct relevance to the Human/LGBT Rights agenda & experience
  • history of a group or a specific campaign
  • an account of a personal journey that includes a number of view-points

The theme for LGBT History Month 2018 is Geography: Mapping the world. This is to enable us to reach out to a more international perspective and link with the concept of Mapping ideas, experiences and concepts with a LGBT focus. While we would love presentations on the theme we are not exclusive of other ideas and themes such as 2018 is the 30thanniversary of section 28!

Each festival presentation will be no more than twenty minutes long, followed by a ten-minute Q&A session. We are particularly keen to showcase past experiences and history presentations from those sections of our community whom we too rarely hear from, such as; black and ethnic minority, disabled and bisexual people, and their history.

OUTing the Past 2017 (aka National Festival of LGBT History) presentations included: Mark Hignett, “Soldiers in Love, Park Hall Camp, Oswestry in WW2”; Kate Hutchinson, “Blurring the Lines: Trans representation & gender expression in rock music”; Hilary McCollum, “Sapphic Suffragettes: The key role of lesbians in the fight for Votes for Women”; Jane Hoy & Helen Sandler, “The oldest New Woman and her incorrigible Welsh friend”; Peter Purton, “Trade unions championing LGBT equality“; Gwen Farrar and Norah Blaney: Our love is a thing apart”; Caroline Paige, “True Colours, Trailblazing Transgender Service in the British Military”.

Your presentations source might be:

  • A testimony about a personal or collective experience
  • A set of campaigning leaflets/publicity and the story behind them
  • Personal or other photo-images and the stories behind them
  • A letter or document that again provides a reading of that past commonly ignored or denied.

What all categories of presentations have in common is that they help educate the general public about the neglected understanding of past attitudes towards sex and gender.

For more information please click here.


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