HLF Skills for the Future programme: Digital Heritage Discoveries

On behalf of the British Museum, the Audience Agency is carrying out a survey to learn more about digital skills in the heritage sector. They survey results will inform the development of a HLF Skills for the Future programme: Digital Heritage Discoveries. The programme will invest in a new generation of diverse museum professionals to equip them with a dynamic understanding of digital data management, preservation and access practices relating to museum collections.

27 trainees, based in museums across the UK, will form a proactive network through which essential digital skills, tools and workflows are developed and shared between trainees, host museums and the wider sector. Trainees will tackle key challenges of digital management, from securing at-risk legacy data to maximising the value of digital assets such as photographs. Positive action recruitment will seek to appoint trainees who demonstrate a natural digital talent and benefit the diversity profiles of their host museum. After a year of on-the-job training, trainees will be able to harness essential skills and act as champions in the sector, placing digital best practice at the heart of all areas of museum work.

This survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete and is the first part of a process that will be followed up with qualitative research, which is why the survey will ask you to give your organisation’s name so that the Audience Agency may ask some follow-up questions by phone if the need arises.

Individual responses will not be made attributable to any individual or organisation publicly, unless the Audience Agency seeks and gains permission, and will otherwise only be used internally by the British Museum team to place trainees for the Digital Heritage programme appropriately, and generically to understand and help address digital skills’ needs in the heritage sector as a whole.

Please click on the link to complete the survey, by Monday July 31st, and thank you in advance for your participation – http://research.audiencesurveys.org/s.asp?k=150030606581




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