Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy Programme Announces NPO Award

Arts Council England has announced that Cause4, which leads the Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy Programme, with consortium partners the Arts Marketing Association (AMA) and the University of Leeds, has become a National Portfolio Organisation due to commence from April 2018 for four years.

Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy (AFP)’s mission is to strengthen cultural organisations’ resilience and sustainability by transforming their fundraising knowledge, skills and levels of success. The AFP Programme is delivered in partnership with consortium members: the Arts Marketing Association (AMA) and the University of Leeds with Cause4 as the lead partner organisation. Cause4 also works with a wide range of sector partners, individual practitioners and experienced consultants to deliver a Programme that empowers arts and cultural professionals across England to seize the considerable opportunities that fundraising offers; to help them form important relationships, develop different income streams and cultivate new commercial opportunities.

Consortium partners believe that fundraising is every cultural professional’s responsibility, and all professionals benefit, personally and professionally, from improving their fundraising knowledge and expertise. More importantly, artists, audiences and participants benefit from a cultural sector that has more financial flexibility, a healthy attitude to external partnerships and greater confidence in its public value.

AFP develops fundraisers across the arts, cultural and heritage sectors who are experienced and passionate about fundraising and development. As well as creating a sustainable legacy of case studies and complementary digital learning resources, AFP has also facilitated a burgeoning network of peer support across England, and fostered a culture of coaching and action learning that is having a broader influence on developmental practice in the sector.

Programme successes to date include:

  • A national annual programme of Essentials, Leadership and Trustee fundraising training;
  • A peer group of Regional Coordinators in each English region who help shape, test and develop the Programme;
  • Alumni of emerging and professional fundraisers who have taken part in a year-long academic and skills based leadership and fundraising Fellowship programme;
  • Funding of sector wide Networks to encourage and support collaboration and group learning in fundraising across England;
  • Culture Change bespoke training providing arts organisations with tailored support to help them adapt their income profiles and ensure the whole organisation becomes active in fundraising.

Michelle Wright Programme CEO of Cause4 and Programme Director of Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy said: ‘The Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy Programme has developed an extensive programme across England to support individual artists and organisations to adapt their fundraising in a much more difficult and uncertain economic environment. The announcement from Arts Council England that Cause4 is to become an NPO comes at an important time and allows us to look at the development of new business models, accredited training programmes as well as a new programme of new online e-learning and digital resources which will leave an important legacy of data and information about best practice in fundraising development for the sector.”

For more information about AFP visit their website here.


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