MDNW Emergency Funding Bid-writing Support

To help museums respond quickly with applications to the emergency funding programme from the National Heritage Lottery Fund, we are pleased to announce our new programme of support for non-NPO Accredited museums in the North West wanting to apply, and are offering individualised support to up to 25 eligible museums between now and the deadline for submission which is:

NLHF: 30th June

The tailored support of 30-45 minute slots can be offered one of two ways (please choose which one you would prefer):

  • an advice slot, involving a discussion about the scheme/s and application processes in relation to your circumstances, including any questions that remain after you have read the guidance and watched the video
  • or, proofing what you’ve already drafted to offer feedback

To book one of the advice slots, we need you to confirm the following:

  • How you want to be contacted (phone / Zoom / GoogleMeet / Skype)
  • Contact name, email, phone number (and Skype username if wanting to use that; email alone is fine for Zoom or Google Meet)

For the option to have your draft proofed by Laura please send it to Alex Bird via email ASAP with the following info:

  • Contact name, email, phone number

All 25 slots will be allocated on a first come, first served basis so do book or send your draft as soon as possible.

For more information, or to book a slot, please contact Alex Bird with the above information at

Please note that this support is only available to museums in the North West which are:

  • Accredited or Working Towards Accreditation
  • Not national museums or National Portfolio Organisations


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