Supporting Museums join the Kickstart Scheme

The Museums Association (MA) and the Association of Independent Museums (AIM) are working together to help museums take part in the UK-wide Kickstart Scheme.

Introduced in response to the Covid situation, the Scheme provides six-month funded placements for young people on Universal Credit or at risk of unemployment, with the government providing funding for 25 hours per week at the minimum wage.

The complication is that any organisation seeking to join the Scheme must provide a minimum of 30 placements in order to participate.

The MA and AIM will host a virtual networking session on 30 September to enable museums to explore their options and to broker partnerships.

Email by 24 September to register your interest.

Recognising that many museums may not be able to offer this number of placements on their own, the MA and AIM have come together to help museums that are interested in participating to find a partner or form a group of museums in order to access the scheme.

The Kickstart networking session will take place on 30 September from 10.30am to 12.00pm.

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