Accreditation advice for North West Museums, 2015-18


NEW 2017 ACE review of Accreditation scheme

During 2017, the Arts Council and our UK Accreditation Partners will be undertaking a light-touch review of certain aspects of the Museum Accreditation scheme. Museums in England due to be invited to renew Accreditation in 2017 will remain part of the scheme for an additional 12 months, and will not be invited to resubmit until 2018. Those museums directly affected will be contacted individually. For further information see

Accreditation is the UK standard for museums and galleries endorsed by Arts Council England. From April 2015 to March 2018 Accreditation technical advice and support is provided by MDNW as part of our programme.

We will provide advice and support to Accredited museums and those officially working towards Accreditation. Technical advice provides guidance based on the content of the Accreditation guidance documents to:

  • new applicants and returning participants preparing a regular compliance return
  • provisionally Accredited museums
  • museums which may require a significant change review

We will:

  • work in partnership with other bodies delivering Accreditation specific training and/or awareness workshops
  • advise museums regarding interpretation of the standard to their size and scale
  • promote and signpost opportunities to undertake the Museum Mentor role and to facilitate conversations between potential mentors and museums seeking a mentor 

What support is available?

  • When ACE’s light touch review is complete (see above), we will provide a training programme specifically to address the requirements of the Accreditation standard for museums preparing a return
  • We will provide an update on Accreditation at regional meetings and forums
  • Guidance is available via the Arts Council website (see below)
  • One-to-one support is available via email or phone or, for more complex queries, through a site visit
  • Many of the development programmes run by MDNW support museums to achieve or maintain Accreditation, directly or indirectly 

Guidance and resources

The Accreditation scheme is managed directly by Arts Council England and detailed requirements on the scheme, including how to apply and accompanying guidance can be found via the Arts Council website –

Resources can also be found on the Collections Trust website –

What if my museum isn’t Accredited?

For museums and other heritage organisations which are not Accredited or officially working towards Accreditation, we will deliver a workshop once a year to look at the benefits and practicalities of applying to become Accredited. We will also support organisations wishing to complete an eligibility questionnaire to start to officially work towards Accreditation. Staff and volunteers from non-Accredited museums are welcome to attend MDNW training although priority is given to Accredited members.

Who to contact

If you have read the Accreditation guidance documents and require further support in applying to or renewing Accreditation:

  • For Accreditation return support – Lynsey Jones, Museum Develpoment Officer,, 07748 147240
  • For queries regarding when to expect to hear back once a return has been submitted, to apply to become a mentor, to submit an eligibility questionnaire, or to receive a copy of your previous application –
  • Technical queries regarding the online form – Arts Council’s customer services team,, 0845 300 620

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