Accreditation advice for North West Museums

April 2020
Due to the impact of COVID-19 the Accreditation scheme is now paused with immediate effect until 1st April 2021.

All Accredited museums in the UK will have their current award status extended for an additional 12 months.

All future Accreditation Panel meetings have been postponed.

ACE has published a series of FAQs detailing what this means for Accredited Museums, as well as those Working Towards Accreditation or hoping to put in a new application: Museum Accreditation Scheme Covid-19 FAQs FINAL.pdf

The latest Standard and accompanying guidance are available here

Read more about the scheme and the application process on the Arts Council website here

Returns schedule
The returns schedule will be revised and published by 31st January 2021.

Museums will be invited to provide returns six months before the submission deadline. You’ll receive a letter to confirm this and invite you to reapply. You don’t have to wait for your reminder letter to start preparing for your next return. Accreditation is a living framework for making sure you have appropriate governance structures in place, your collections are well managed, and the public continue to have access to your collections.

MDNW support
Since April 2015 Accreditation technical advice and support has been provided by MDNW as part of our programme. From 2019-20 Jennie Pitceathly,, has been the Accreditation Adviser for the North West, sub-contracted by MDNW to provide Accreditation technical advice support to North West museums. Jennie remains on contract to MDNW for 2020-21 but her role in supporting Accreditation will change for this year whilst the scheme is paused.

Our usual training programme to support museums preparing a regular compliance return, for organisations wanting to find out more about Accreditation, and for Accreditation mentors, is temporarily suspended. Jennie is still available to provide general technical Accreditation advice support, via email, to:

  • Museums preparing to submit an Eligibility Questionnaire
  • Museums using the paused period to review and prepare documentation against the Accreditation standard in preparation for when the scheme resumes in 2021

Guidance and resources
The Accreditation scheme is managed directly by Arts Council England and detailed requirements on the scheme, including how to apply and accompanying guidance can be found via the Arts Council website –

Resources to support Accreditation can also be found on the Collections Trust website –




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