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Consultancy Opportunity: Band on the Wall, Manchester

Evaluation Consultant, ‘Keep on Moving’ Project
Band on the Wall wishes to appoint an experienced and skilled evaluation consultant or consultant team to undertake the evaluation of its ambitious Keep on Moving project funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. The evaluation will focus on its learning and participation programme.

The project focuses on the musical and cultural heritage of the neighbourhoods of New Cross, Ancoats and the city centre area that is now known as the Northern Quarter, of which Band on the Wall and Cocozza are one of the few remaining buildings.

In particular it will look at the musical traditions rooted in some of the migrant communities who have previously called the area home, exploring the impact of music on the development of Manchester’s diverse communities over the last two centuries.

The successful applicant will deliver a comprehensive project evaluation, which is to include baseline, interim and summative reporting with actions and recommendations throughout the life of the project. This will be in line with current Heritage Fund guidance on evaluation and we are keen to explore robust yet engaging methods of capturing feedback and impact which could include film, sound and music as well as clear and concise reports for internal and external dissemination.

The work will be carried out in four phases, from start of project in June/July 2019 to the end of the project in March 2023. This to enable us to capture baseline information and to be able to act on feedback during the life of projects as well as gaining summative information to feed into the next phase of our learning and community programming.

A total of £16,000 is available for this work, which will take place over four financial years.

Application Information

Please provide the following information (in a maximum of six single sides of A4 portrait (excluding front cover and contents page):

• Your approach and methodology
• A proposed timetable of your work, including appropriate milestones and dates, taking into account the work will be undertaken throughout this four-year project.
• Costings to carry out the evaluation, including a daily rate and work plan plus any other associated costs.
• Details of members of your team, if any, with an explanation of individual roles, responsibilities and relevant experience
• Experience of similar work, including examples where appropriate of experience of evaluative research for Heritage Fund learning and community programmes
• Experience of working with different culture and arts organisations, community and learning agencies and groups, and our target audiences
• Declaration and confirmation of Insurances held form

Closing date: 5pm Friday 2nd August 2019. Applications to be sent to laura.burgess@bandonthewall.org.

Further Information can be found here.

Consultancy Opportunity: Ellisland Farm

Audience Development Consultant
Status: Freelance Contract
Fee: £6,000 (inclusive of expenses)
Closing date: Monday 6th May 2019

Ellisland Farm is the home the national Bard Robert Burns built for himself and his family in rural Dumfries. The Ellisland Trust has recently secured NLHF Resilient Heritage funding to strategically support plans for its future development and to improve sustainability.

The primary purpose of this contract is to support the Trust to better understand its current and potential audiences. You will liaise closely with consultants working on the parallel strands relating to asset and governance reviews, particularly in feeding into the development of business and financial plans.

The required outputs include:

  • To review audience data, identify and consult with target audiences.
  • To work with the team to develop an audience consultation framework and a draft audience development plan.

The closing date for submissions is midnight Monday 6th May 2019.

For a copy of the detailed brief or further information please contact Curator/Project Manager Sue Hughes, sueellisland@btinternet.com.

Consultancy Opportunity: People’s History Museum

Evaluation consultant
Budget for work £5,000

From People’s History Museum (PHM):

PHM is seeking an evaluation consultant to devise and implement a robust evaluation strategy to measure the impact of the museum’s 2019 programme of exhibitions, events and learning sessions exploring the past, present and future of protest, including the headline exhibition Disrupt? Peterloo and Protest (23 March 2019 to 23 February 2020).

Overview and brief

PHM is the national museum of democracy, telling the story of its development in Britain, past, present and future.  The museum provides opportunities for people of all ages to learn about, be inspired by and get involved in ideas worth fighting for; ideas such as equality, social justice, co-operation, and a fair world for all.  2019 marks 200 years since the Peterloo Massacre, a major event in Manchester’s history, and a defining moment for Britain’s democracy.  To commemorate this monumental anniversary, PHM is exploring the changing face of protest through a year long programme of exhibitions, events and learning sessions exploring creative disobedience and its role in today’s ideas worth fighting for.  This programme of activity is being co-curated with marginalised and underrepresented communities in the spirit of those who gathered on St Peter’s Field on 16 August 1819.

PHM has developed a set of objectives for the 2019 programme:

  • To raise the profile of PHM as the go to place to find out about Peterloo and its historical consequences
  • To raise historical awareness of Peterloo and to provide our audiences with a clear understanding of what happened at St Peter’s Field on 16 August 1819, to explain the historical context as to why the massacre occurred, alongside discussing its legacy as a significant event along the road to democratic reform
  • To demonstrate the significance and relevance of Peterloo today; how it links to ideas people are fighting for today and involving our visitors in this conversation through their interaction with exhibition
  • To raise the profile of PHM as a campaigning museum; to support current and future activists
  • To raise the profile of PHM as a platform for the sharing of radical ideas
  • To ensure that our methods of interpretation are innovative and that the tone is reflective of the overall programme theme, yet accessible to a wide range of audiences
  • To utilise and test new approaches to interpretation through the use of digital technologies

In addition, the museum’s Business Plan for 2018-2022 and Audience Engagement Plan (2018) look to an ambitious aim of 200,000 visits to the museum per year by 2025, and the programme for 2019 will contribute towards this goal, by increasing visitor numbers to the Disrupt? Peterloo and Protest exhibition and the number of participants at our events and learning sessions.

In pure numbers, success looks like:

  • Total museum visitors up 10% from the same period in 2018-2019
  • Engaging 600 participants with the development of the project
  • Engaging 2,000 learners with the schools’ programme
  • Engaging 600 people with the Protest Lab and public programme
  • Engaging 1,000 participants with the Family Friendly programme
  • Engaging 2,000 participants with the events programme

Outputs expected

We require an external evaluator to create an evaluation plan based on these metrics.  The plan will include formative and summative evaluation, allowing us to make changes during the course of the programme to ensure maximum impact.  We also require the generation of a final report to circulate to stakeholders.  Please note that participatory research will be embedded within the evaluation, and evaluation will be ongoing throughout the programme for 2019.

Key milestones:

  • Evaluation plan to be delivered by Wednesday 15 May 2019
  • Formative evaluation at regular intervals to be agreed during the project
  • Summary of key evaluation findings to be made available by Wednesday 1 April 2020 to inform The National Lottery Heritage Fund’s (NLHF) end of project grant report writing process
  • Full external evaluation report produced and submitted by Friday 1 May 2020


The total budget available for this work is £5,000; including all fees, travel expenses and materials.

Expressions of interest

If you would like to submit an expression of interest please return a PDF with the following information to Helen Thackray, Programme Manager on helen.thackray@phm.org.uk by 9.00am on Tuesday 16 April 2019:

  • Full contact details
  • Brief CV (maximum two side of A4)
  • A statement outlining your suitability for this work and why you would like to undertake it
  • Two testimonials/references

If you have any questions please email helen.thackray@phm.org.uk or phone 0161 838 9190.

Consultancy Opportunities: Ellisland Farm

Assets Review and Options Appraisal Consultant
Status: Freelance Contract
Fee: £10,000 (inclusive of expenses)
Closing date: 4 February 2019

Ellisland Farm is the home the national Bard Robert Burns built for himself and his family in rural Dumfries. The Ellisland Trust has recently secured HLF Resilient Heritage funding to strategically support plans for its future development and to improve sustainability.

Working with staff, trustees and volunteers, the primary purpose of this contract is to allow the Trust to better understand its current operating position and to examine potential commercial and operational structures and developments. This work will feed into the production of a draft business plan and action plans. Engagement of key stakeholders, potential/actual partners and funders throughout the process is essential in order to demonstrate the value of the Trust and its activities and to add value to its work. You will liaise closely with consultants working on the parallel strands relating to governance and audience reviews.

The required outputs include:

  • Background research on strategic context and external environment.
  • Review of current provision and profitability, estate management, operational services and contracts.
  • Identify and investigate potential partners and partnership opportunities.
  • Produce options appraisal of potential commercial and operational structures and developments.
  • Support the Ellisland team to develop evidenced business and action plans.

The closing date for submissions is midnight Monday 4th February 2019.

For a copy of the detailed brief or further information please contact Sue Hughes, sueellisland@btinternet.com

Ellisland Farm, Holywood Road, Auldgirth, Dumfries, DG2 0RP

Organisational Development and Governance Review Consultant
Status: Freelance Contract
Fee: £8,000 (inclusive of expenses)
Closing date: 4 February 2019

Working with staff, trustees and volunteers, the primary purpose of this contract is to move forward organisational development and strategic purpose and develop the governance model, particularly providing clarity over leadership, structures, reporting and decision making. Engagement of key stakeholders, potential/actual partners and funders throughout the process is essential in order to demonstrate the value of the Trust and its activities and to add value to its work. You will liaise closely with consultants working on the parallel strands relating to asset and audience reviews, particularly in supporting the production of business and financial plans.

The required outputs include:

  • Analysis and appraisal of the current governance and organisational model.
  • Analysis and appraisal of the role of the Friends committee in governance, operations and fundraising.
  • Clarifying vision and purpose.

The closing date for submissions is midnight Monday 4th February 2019.

For a copy of the detailed brief or further information please contact Sue Hughes, sueellisland@btinternet.com.


Tender Opportunity: Catalyst Science Discovery Centre

From Catalyst:

We are looking to engage an experienced, innovative evaluator to work with us on a major project funded by the Wellcome Trust and BEIS.

Background to Catalyst:

Founded as a celebration of the global chemical industry starting in the area, Catalyst is a small independent charity attracting visitors through a clear focus on science. We offer a wide range of STEM activities for all ages, including school workshops, family events, Science Clubs, lectures and sleepovers in the Observatory, with our interactive gallery, Scientrific, being one of the main attractions. Located in one of the most deprived boroughs in the country (27th: IMD 2015), Catalyst is embedded in the local economy, with regular visitors and programmes aimed at encouraging new groups. Critical sponsorship from local science industries enables Catalyst to offer occasional free/subsidised visits to groups of children who would otherwise not have the opportunity to experience the excitement of science.

Catalyst has developed a Vision for the future aimed at completely rejuvenating the site. Inspiring Science Fund funding has provided the impetus to accelerate the step change we seek, bolstering existing audiences and establish Catalyst as the destination jewel in the crown of the North West.

The Inspiring Science Fund Project:

Catalyst is on the cusp of a dramatic cultural change. We are in receipt of a grant of £754,000 from the Wellcome Trust and BEIS’s Inspiring Science Fund to deliver a complete refresh of our science offer. This funding will be matched in order to deliver a £1million+ scheme.

We have a vision to enhance the social value of the centre and use informal science learning to attract and meet the needs of our underserved and under-represented target audiences;

  • Those experiencing mental health difficulties through ground-breaking research and partnerships with Liverpool John Moores University and mental health charity MIND.
  • Adults who are isolated, who have physical or learning difficulties, or who have dementia.
  • Schoolchildren from the 10 most disadvantaged schools in the Borough; to inspire a generation of scientists who feel that Catalyst is their centre.

This is the start of our journey to become a true community facility, supported by staff, volunteers, Trustees and important local stakeholders. Based in one of the nation’s most deprived boroughs, a new community outreach post will promote and co-ordinate community engagement. Catalyst’s Community Focus Groups are leading the re-design process to ensure the infrastructure solution to deliver our ambition is exceptional:

  • Multi-purpose performance “space” in our renovated Theatre, facilitating public “whizz-bang” science shows, community groups’ meetings and STEAM performances.
  • Scientifically literate, hands-on gallery for intergenerational learning; exhibits designed as platforms of discovery where visitors can engage with phenomena in an open-ended way.
  • Renewed Education Studios for inspirational workshops.
  • “Wow” entrance/café/ shop space that allows free public access to taster exhibits; a destination for conferences, community events, pop-up exhibitions or just a coffee.

The Brief:

We are looking for a highly experienced evaluator to undertake an ongoing and comprehensive evaluation of our Inspiring Science Fund scheme. The evaluator will be involved throughout the delivery and completion of the scheme to August 2020. Creative or innovative methodological approaches that help empower beneficiaries and disseminate learning to drive cultural change are welcomed alongside traditional approaches.


  • Project fee of up to £20,000 including VAT
  • Reasonable additional expenses (e.g. travel) to be negotiated at contract stage
  • Additional budget may be available for dissemination and/or innovative evaluation methods

For the full brief click here.

Consultancy and Freelance Opportunities

Cheshire East Museums
Contract amount – £5,000
Deadline – Friday 25th January

Project Aim

A consortium of three independent Accredited museums and one non-Accredited organisation, based within the Cheshire East Unitary Authority, require support to identify joint approaches to improving shared collection understanding, management and conservation.


With grant funding from Museum Development North West, we are seeking to appoint a consultant, who will, support the four participating institutions, Nantwich Museum. Macclesfield Museums, Middlewich Heritage Trust and Congleton Museum to deliver their project ‘Protect to Inspire’.

Project Overview

The consultant will be required to work with each participating organisation to:-

  • identify their key collecting themes, emphasising where there is both synergy and diversity;
  • review collection management and recording processes to identify good practice, which can be shared, and establish areas for further development;
  • review and establish the skill set currently available within each institution;
  • develop a skill matrix for the effective management and conservation of the collections which will be shared across the group;
  • identify current and future skill development and training issues and support the development of strategies necessary to resolve them;
  • identify joint conservation issues and support the development of individual and collective conservation plans;
  • identify key issues which could become the basis for future joint procurement and the commissioning of services

Time Scale

The work on this project to be undertaken within the time period 1st March to 30th September 2019.

For the full project brief, click here.

Yorkshire and Humberside Fed
Maximum fee: £2,000
The FED are looking for a talented and dedicated freelance administrative professional who will support the administration of the FED’s membership scheme, provide marketing and social media support for their events and training courses, ensure their communications are up to date (including our newsletter and website) and oversee the administration of their programme of training courses and social events across the year.

They have an absolute maximum of £2000 for the delivery of this tender and expect this to be delivered over a twelve month period from appointment. This is a new post for the FED and they will trial it for one year to assess how it works.

For more details and how to apply please contact admin@yhfed.org.uk.

Deadline for applications: 17:00 on Friday 25th January.

Oral History Specialist, Out of Town Museum Project (Bailiffgate Museum)
Deadline: Monday 21st January

The Out of Town Museum is a new project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, that will celebrate the rural heritage of the Upper Coquet Valley. The project will collect local memories, voices, artefacts and photographs in order to preserve these in perpetuity and to celebrate them as unique features of the areas local heritage. The Out of Town museum will focus on the heritage of getting ‘oot and aboot’ with particular interest in the journeys, routes and the stories they tell.

They are seeking a freelance oral history specialist to support delivery of the project and the role will include:

  • Providing oral history training to volunteers
  • Supporting volunteers to collect and record oral histories
  • Reviewing all oral history records and preparing them for archive within the
  • Northumberland Archive held at Woodhorn Museum and a new Bailiffgate online facility
  • Updating the OOT website and uploading information and oral history

Further information is available here and via their website here.

Consultancy Opportunity: The University of Nottingham Museum

The University of Nottingham Museum wishes to work with a nationally recognised museum consultant in order to provoke objective discussion and challenge thinking and working methods. The consultancy will:

1)      Undertake a Review of the Museums work

2)      Examine the role of the Museum within the University and wider regional and national Museum sector

3)      Explore and demonstrate different strategies for its continued sustainable development within the University aligning to internal and external strategies

For full brief and application process click here.

Closing date: Monday 10th December; Interview date: afternoon of Tuesday 18th December

Work to be completed by 1 March 2019

Resources: 23 days at £500 plus VAT per day. To include consultation in Nottingham and with other regional and national partners/stakeholders; desk based research; report writing and delivery to Boards. Separate budget for travel, accommodation and work with focus groups.

Application: Letter and CV emailed to Dr Clare Pickersgill (Museum Keeper): clare.pickersgill@nottingham.ac.uk

Consultancy Opportunities: Hull Minster & British Commercial Vehicle Museum

Hull Minster
Opportunity to Tender for HLF Heritage Project

Thanks to National Lottery players, Hull Minster has received a £97,000 Resilient Heritage Grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Following two years of exciting changes at the Minster, with a remodelled Nave and new shop, café and visitor facilities, the grant will help to strengthen the ability of the church, its staff and volunteers, to reach heritage tourism visitors through new activities.
Specialist consultants will be appointed to help the Minster teams investigate and understand the 700-year-old church’s conservation needs, identify heritage collections and create opportunities to finance and present them.

Hull Minster invites applications from consultants with suitable skills and experience in the heritage sector and with particular knowledge of churches. A range of roles and skills are required and consultants may wish to apply for more than one area of work. It is anticipated that evaluation of the applicants will take place in December 2019 and will include an interview.  Please indicate availability in your application.

The consultant briefs are outlined on our website and can be found here.

Applicants who would like an informal visit to the Minster in advance of submitting a tender should contact 01482 224460 to make arrangements.

Evaluation Consultant
Status: Freelance Contract
Fee: £7,000 (inclusive of expenses)
Closing date: Friday 7th December 2018

The British Commercial Vehicle Museum in Leyland has recently undergone a major capital redevelopment. It now requires an individual or a company with a proven track record of producing and delivering successful evaluation frameworks.

Working with staff and volunteers, the primary purpose of this contract is to:

  • Produce an Evaluation Framework.
  • Support data gathering and provide training as appropriate.
  • Produce a final report.

The closing date for submissions is midnight 7 December 2018. For a copy of the detailed brief please email suebcvm@btinternet.com.

Consultancy Opportunity: Curious Minds

Curious Minds are seeking tenders to become our evaluation partner for their brand new Hope Streets Project.

Hope Streets will see young people aged 11 – 25 revolutionise the way museums work with their peers. Working across all 5 regions of the North West, Hope Streets will create exciting learning experiences for young people and museum and youth work professionals. It’s called Hope Streets because we believe young people and museums can provide each other with hope for the future and that’s exactly what this project will explore. It will be a vibrant, fast-paced project creating real strategic change in museums.

Curious Minds anticipate contracting this work in three stages, according to the three remaining phases of activity. The fee for the Phase Two Evaluation contract is £10,000 to include VAT and travel and would look to extend that contract for subsequent phases if both parties are satisfied with progress. The overall budget for this work is £32,000.

If you’re excited at the prospect of providing substantial evaluation for this work, they’d love to hear from you.

Please download the tender document for more details.

The deadline for tenders is 5pm on the 12th of September.

Consultancy Opportunity: Victoria Gallery & Museum, Liverpool

From Victoria Gallery & Museum:

Brief: Audience Research

We wish to appoint an experienced consultant to work with museums and galleries staff based at the Victoria Gallery & Museum and The Garstang Museum of Archaeology to review existing audience data and data collection methods. Following this initial review, we would like the consultant to decide on methods of data collection that would be appropriate going forward and write an outline Audience Development Plan that the staff could then complete.

We hope that by working with an experienced consultant to review data and data collection methods, we will then be able to conduct future research and develop an ADP that will enable us to achieve in-depth knowledge of both who our current visitors are and who they could be. In the short-term this will be used to develop a marketing strategy that can be tailored to specific audiences to promote the current offer. In the long-term we will use the ADP to inform future exhibition and event programming and we will also use it to assess future exhibition proposals that we receive both internally from academics and also externally to ensure that exhibitions and events are not too niche and that there is an audience for what is being proposed. We aim to raise the profile of the museums both internally and externally as comments that both museums often receive are that they are ‘hidden gems’ and visitors did not know that they were there.


The fixed fee including all expenses is £2000, to be paid in instalments:

50% to be on appointment
50% to be paid upon completion of the contract in February 2019

This fee is inclusive of all VAT, travel, accommodation costs and expenses.

For the full details and information on how to apply see the Project Brief.