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Can You Identify These Possibly Stolen Items?

Assistance sought by Metropolitan Police bb7fe5b7-8fc1-4bbd-9316-e0f25ffad9a8

A number of property items have been recovered from an offender who is now remanded in prison. The potential victims/ owners have yet to be identified.

Please download the PDF to view the full range of items.

Although recovered at a London location it is believed the offender travelled extensively including the West Country, Lake District, Sussex, Surrey and Home Counties.

If you recognise any of these objects please contact DC Sophie Hayes at the Metropolitan Police’s Art and Antiques Unit, 020 7230 8286,



Objects Available – Museum of Childhood

As part of the on-going major review of the National Trust Museum of Childhood’s collection, the National Trust have identified and assessed a large number of objects as being ‘irrelevant’ to the museum’s collection. These include adult costume, household items, furniture and many other miscellaneous items.

Click here to see the list: objects-available-nov-2016

 If an object has a ‘CMS’ number it can be used to search on www.nationaltrustcollections.org.uk

A few costume items do not have numbers and say ‘not on CMS’. This means they’re not on the online catalogue but Sue Fraser can provide images of the item. Some objects have already been selected (highlighted in yellow – these may possibly still be available).

If anything appeals to you for your collections, please contact Sue Fraser (Collections Assistant) on sue.fraser@nationaltrust.org.uk

Opportunity for Object and Exhibition Exchanges with China

Museums in Henan province in China are keen to contact UK museums who are interested in displaying objects from Henan province as part of an exchange programme.  The loan of objects from Henan are free of charge but UK museums will need to cover the cost of transport and insurance for the objects from China.

For further information, and to discuss how an exchange of objects and/or exhibitions between the UK and Henan province could be facilitated, please contact:

Ms Liu Yi
Senior Regional Cities Officer, Regional City Engagement
British Embassy, Beijing
Tel: +86 (0)10 5192 4482

Call for a Victorian / Georgian Bathing Machine

Staff from National Trust are looking to borrow a reproduction Victorian or Georgian bathing machine to use in an event in Keswick in July to recreate the spirit of the 1780s regattas held on Derwentwater by Joseph Pocklington (inhabitant of Derwent Island) and Peter Crosthwaite (inventor of a portable bathing machine) – more information here www.nationaltrust.org.uk/derwentregatta

The regatta is taking place on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th July. If anyone has something they could borrow (or knows someone they could ask) please contact Jessie Binns at Jessie.Binns@nationaltrust.org.uk

Call for objects!

The National Waterways Museum is currently working on improving our living history displays in the Porters Row workers cottages, situated within the canal docks. These cottages exhibit social history collections which interpret working class homes through the 19th and 20th centuries. We are seeking a couple of extra items to add to our displays:

·         A male mannequin to dress in period attire in the 1900s cottage.

·         A donkey stone for use in 1930s/1950s cottages.

We have found both items difficult to source, so if any museums are looking to dispose of either/both of these items within their collection/storage we would be very grateful to acquire these – please contact Margaret Harrison, Collections Manager at margaret.harrison@canalrivertrust.org.uk

Teaching History in 100 Objects – Call for Objects

The British Museum is currently working on a project called ‘Teaching History in 100 Objects’, which aims to support teaching of the new history curriculum by creating a set of free, high quality online resources based on museum objects. The British Museum is proposing that up to fifty of the objects are drawn from museums across the UK in order to showcase the potential of local and regional collections in supporting students’ learning. 

As the designated Major Partner Museum for the north-west region, the Manchester Museum would like to invite your institution to participate in the project by submitting to us three objects from your collection to be considered for inclusion. Once all submissions have been received, we will select five candidate objects that best represent the breadth and variety of our region’s collections and submit them to the British Museum for consideration.

The objects should link in some way to the new curriculum specifications, particularly those at KS2 level.

What we require of you in the first instance is a very short biography of each of your three objects (see the first page of the attached example of the Sutton Hoo Helmet), including a picture and short description/text label (a photograph of the object’s label would suffice). The deadline given to us by the British Museum is short, and we would therefore ask you to send us your submissions by Wednesday 5th February 2014.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch should you have any questions about the project – Jack Ridley jack.ridley@manchester.ac.uk