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North West Museums University Placement Programme

Museum Development North West and Curious Minds are working together to deliver a number of paid university placements and are looking for museums to participate.

Using Curious Minds’ Trailblaze model the programme will create six six-month placements for university students in museums across the North West.  This is an opportunity to engage students from non-arts courses in the museums sector, to develop their understanding of the range of job opportunities available and to diversify the workforce.  It will allow you to develop relationships with local universities that can extend beyond this programme.  This is a great opportunity to showcase the wider arts and cultural sector that there are opportunities beyond national initiatives such as the Creative Employment Programme, and encourage others to be creative in their approach to workforce development, and not rely on the next reinvention of the work-based learning wheel. 

All financial aspects such as the wage will be covered by Museum Development North West and all that we ask from museums is to dedicate the time required to deliver a meaningful and worthwhile placement.

The placements will take place from January 2018 onwards and will be one day a week for 26 weeks.

Due to the nature of the programme the deadline is quite soon so if you are interested in participating in the programme please complete the application form and send to us by 5pm on Tuesday 3rd October – alexander.bird@manchester.ac.uk

For more info please contact Alex Bird – alexander.bird@manchester.ac.uk or Holly Ball – holly.ball@Curiousminds.org.uk


Call for Student Placements in Regional Museums

The University of Manchester are looking to expand their placement offer for Art Galleries and Museum Studies MA students and have asked us to circulate their Placement Form.

From the University of Manchester Art Galleries and Museum Studies team:

Student work placements play an integral role in postgraduate study at the University of Manchester School of Arts, Languages and Cultures, especially the Institute for Cultural Practices programmes, so we thank you for considering hosting one or more of our MA students for the upcoming academic year. We hope that a placement provides a useful resource for you/your team, a contribution towards professional development in the cultural sector as well as a valuable experience for our students. If you are among the many institutions that have offered placements in the past, we are grateful for your continued support. If you are considering it for the first time thank you for your interest and please do contact us if you would like to discuss any aspect of the programme.

It has been our experience that focused, directed projects often are the most successful, although successful placements can take a variety of forms. Please talk to us if you are unsure about an idea. If you are offering more than one role, please fill in a form for each role; please make sure you indicate what kinds of activities will be involved so we can allocate students properly by matching their interests.

If you are interested in hosting a placement please complete the form and return to Maria Calderhead, Work Placement Coordinator (ICPplacements@manchester.ac.uk) by 4th September 2015