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Treasure Plus New Digital Toolkit

This new digital toolkit offers guidance and advice for museums with archaeological collections covering everything from the presentation and interpretation of treasure to engaging new audiences and working with the media – all grounded in the experience of the 36 museums around the country who received Art Fund funding to experiment with new displays and community projects, as well as knowledge shared at networking roadshows and the Treasure Plus conference.

Find out more and download the toolkit here.


Advocacy Tools for Natural History Collections

The link below contains notes which are aimed at providing support for people working in museums with natural history collections. These ones are on strategic planning for museums: identifying strengths and weaknesses, and looking at how to achieve success in your current situation. Please feel free  to share them around. They can be found at:


The Data Toolkit

Here’s an interesting site called datatoolkit.org.uk, which is an online resource for arts organisations who want to work with young people on creative data projects. The Data Toolkit is a collection of useful information and tools to help you to kick-start your own data project. This toolkit was produced by 7 Junior Digital Producers, freelance artists, coders and facilitators supported by the University of the West of England and IBM.

“Behind Closed Doors” Mini Toolkit

Back in the summer work was done with the West Midlands Development Programme supporting 4  museums in the area in making more creative use of their stored collections.

This mini toolkit was developed alongside the ‘Behind closed doors’ project – for anyone interested the toolkit can be found on the following link: